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The High Loves are a pop-rock band from Toronto. Formed in 2018, the five-piece group is composed of frontman Noah Monckton (lead vocals & guitar) Marko Stojanovic (lead guitar) Jeremy Ugro (keys) Jake St .Jean (bass) Jaden Spanier (drums). Their music is the sonic equivalent of waking up in a good mood – a tight blend of danceable hooks, soaring vocals, guitar that heals as it squeals and 80s-authentic synth, knotted together in an addictive, unstoppable march. A well-oiled machine of music school graduates (and dropouts, The High Loves create songs for every summer: for belting on road trips, for singing into a shower head, and for playing loud, when you just need to feel good. Fed on a diet of 80s and 90s pop-rock influences, as well as early 2000s alternative rock, the band's ethos is one of very serious fun; of crafting addictive music that demands to be repeated.


The band had their first show, and released their debut single, 'Perils of Passion', in January 2018, followed by the Serotonin EP in November of that year. A tour of Ontario the following summer was a successful precursor to their first big win, in the rock category of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest in November 2019. January 2020 saw the group perform at Grammy Week in Los Angeles. 


As Jeremy Ugro explains: “All music you can think of is on a scale of how much work the audience has to do, the listener has to do to connect with it – and usually the farther you get to the one side where you really have to put in the work, to find the heart of the music . . . that alienates the audience a little bit. Think of our music on the direct opposite side, where not only the listener has to do zero work to connect with it – the music is aggressively trying to connect with you, The music will bust down a barricade you've built to try to get to you.”

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